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We had planned to stay aboard the Yorktown a second night, but not enough other folks had made reservations to meet the minimum number required to operate the overnight program, so we made arrangements to stay in the Youth House at Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church.  The folks at MPPC were very hospitable and our stay there was excellent.  Boy Scout Troop 20, sponsored by MPPC, met across the street on Monday night, so we visited their troop meeting and were made to feel very welcome.

On Tuesday morning, we had arranged to get a special mid-week tour of the Confederate submarine, the H.L. Hunley.  We weren't permitted to take any photos inside the research area, but the folks there were very generous with their time and gave us a grand tour.  One of the scientists even took time to explain his work and answer questions.  Going in, a number of the scouts thought it would be boring.  None of them thought that after seeing it!  After we got back home, a couple even said seeing the Hunley was their favorite part of the trip.

(L to R) Patrick, Tim, Trey, and Stepen relax on the boat ride back to port from Fort Sumter. Visiting the weekly troop meeting of Troop 20 in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  The meeting featured a guest speaker on Personal Fitness MB.
Board game tournaments have become a Troop 848 tradition on road trips.  Tyler, Stephen, and Patrick compete in a game of For scouts, finding a place to sleep is never a problem.  Dave may snore the loudest, but Chris wins the prize for most unique position!
An sunny morning is the perfect time for a bus wash.  Joe scrubs the roof as Patrick mans the hose. So what if it's only 9 AM?  Is there ever a bad time for an ice cream break?  Joe scoops.  Clinton eats.  Life is good.
The good folks at Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church had to be truly faithful to let this crew anywhere near their Youth House! Entering the marine research facility on Tuesday morning to see the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley.
Our tour guide addresses the group before we had to surrender our cameras.  (Seriously, folks, it's worth going to see for yourself.) After seeing the real Hunley, the boys enjoyed sitting in the model that was made by a Hollywood studio for a movie about the sub.

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