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WASHINGTON, DC  (June 20~28)

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We spent Monday afternoon visiting the International Spy Museum and ended our day at the Crime and Punishment Museum where we did a forensics workshop in the studio where the " America's Most Wanted" TV program is produced.  Both museums were fascinating.

While we were still inside the Crime and Punishment Museum, two subway trains collided on the Red Line and several people were killed.  The story made the national news at 6 PM, causing concern for parents back home who knew we would be riding the subway and wondered about our safety.  As soon as we learned of the crash, Scoutmaster Meek updated the troop's voice message system to let parents know that all the scouts were safely inside a museum at the time of the accident.

Tuesday morning was spent visiting the major monuments and memorials.  Our first stop was the Washington Monument to obtain tour tickets.  Tickets go quickly and the first tours available by the time we got to the ticket window was 6:30 pm.  We got the tickets and moved on to the World War II Memorial, stopping to see the John Paul Jones Memorial on the way.  Then we walked along the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial. 

Everyone really enjoyed the forensics workshop at the Crime & Punishment Museum.  The extra fee was well worth it. Scott and Dalton mixed a compound similar to plaster (only much stronger) to make a cast of a shoe print.
The workshop was conducted in the studio of the "America's Most Wanted" TV program.  We were surrounded by monitors on all sides and stage lights overhead.  During our workshop, the monitors displayed information on how to classify fingerprints.
Touring the museum after the forensics workshop, we can understand Dalton testing out the pilgrim-era stocks at left ... but, really, Jon, how bright does a guy have to be to stick his head into a French guillotine?
No question about it ... it was the guy on the left .. number 2.  "Book 'em, Dan-O."  And throw away the key! The memorial to Admiral John Paul Jones. 
The pool and fountains at the center of the World War II memorial.  Only half of the memorial is shown in this photo. Scott and Cody ascending the steps to the Lincoln Memorial followed by the rest of the troop.
Another tourist was kind enough to snap this photo of the entire group in front to Mr. Lincoln's statue.    Mr. Canchola and Scoutmaster Meek reading Lincoln's famous speech at Gettysburg that was etched into the marble wall.

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