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Summer Camp @ Camp Geiger (June, 2004)

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Our week at Camp Geiger simply flew by.  The week prior had received rain for 4 days as a cold front had moved through the area.  This was a blessing for us as the rain had moved out but left behind temperatures that were 10~15 degrees cooler than normal.  The only rain we experienced was a band of heavy thunderstorms that hit shortly after the evening meal on Thursday and continued until the pre-dawn hours on Friday.  The drenching rain and lightning caused the Mic-O-Say tapping ceremony to be moved indoors to the dining hall (a real bummer!), but the impact on merit badge classes was nil.

Alex and Dave make the trudge up Cardiac Hill. Program Director Justin and Camp Director Don take a morning walk around camp wearing Groucho noses.
Trey shoots some arrows on the Archery Range. Alex works on a project for Leatherworking MB.
Clinton watches and listens in Cooking MB class. Scouts take notes in Environmental Science MB.  Joe, Stephen, Tim, Clinton, and Alex are in the class.
Dave gets some coaching on how to take aim at clay pigeons on the shotgun range. Aaron gets help with weaving a stool seat from the Basketry MB instructor.
Troop 848 scouts in uniform walk to the mess hall for dinner trailed by 3 members of the camp staff. Tim and Stephen in a Crime Prevention MB class taught by two retired police officers.

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