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Summer Camp @ Camp Geiger (June, 2004)

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On Saturday morning, June 19, we ate a quick breakfast, cleaned up the church, and headed for Hannibal, Missouri, boyhood home of Samuel Clemons, better known by his pen name, Mark Twain.  Two of Twain's most famous works, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, draw heavily on Twain's memories of his childhood in Hannibal.  His boyhood home and other buildings have been preserved and are included on a walking tour that begins at the Mark Twain Museum.  Naturally, we had to get our picture standing in front of the famous picket fence that Tom Sawyer charged his friends for the privilege of whitewashing!  During our tour we encountered an actor dressed as Twain and an unbelievably talented harmonica/banjo playing street musician who both entertained and amazed us.  An unexpected find was a really cool model railroading shop that we had a hard time getting the boys to leave.  Initially planning to make only a short stop, we ended up spending nearly 6 hours in Hannibal and had a great time.

Departing Hannibal late afternoon, we drove across Missouri to St. Joseph, home of Geiger Scout Reservation.  Arriving only an hour before dark, we were warmly greeted by the Camp Ranger who helped us transport our gear from the bus to our campsite and get settled in.

Alex carries a container of packed groceries from the kitchen out to the bus. Philip and Chris arrange chairs in a Sunday School room and make a final inspection for any litter.
A bunch of modern day Huckleberry Finns perhaps?  (L to R) Dave, Mr. M, Tyler, Joe, Patrick, Tim, Philip, Aaron, Clinton, Stephen, Trey, Alex, and Chris. Scouts chat with an actor protraying Mark Twain.  Clearly visible from left to right are Patrick (in straw hat), Alex, Stephen, and Trey.
Joe and Tyler, like everyone else, are fascinated by a street musician's talent. Before long, the man has acquired quite an audience.  He even had us singing TV theme songs!
Tim and Stephen enjoy pushing bottoms to make all the little gizmos on the train display function. But the high school set is too sophisticated to play with trains, so they keep a bench warm.
Oh, yes, another group photo.  Just look at all those happy faces!  [At least Trey and Clinton seem to be having a good time.] The proprietor kindly snapped this group shot for us.  (L to R) Stephen, Mr. M, Aaron, Philip, Dave, Tim, Mr. D, Trey, Tyler, Alex, Patrick, Joe, Chris, and Clinton.

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