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Summer Camp @ Camp Geiger (June, 2004)

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On Thursday morning, June 17, we headed out bright and early to visit the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, site of the Gateway Arch and the Museum of Westward Expansion.  Like all tourists, we started with a tram ride to the top of the Arch followed by several hours exploring the museum.    It contains a wealth of interesting information, exhibits, and even live, interactive talks by the National Park Service.  (Among other things, we learned that the phrase "OK" was popularized into American culture as a political slogan during the 1840 re-election campaign of President Martin Van Buren!)  Our leaders and a few of the older scouts could have spent longer at the museum; but our younger scouts were restless, so we emerged from the museum just before noon to find the steps of the Arch populated by thousands of spectators.  It seems that by sheer coincidence, we had happened upon the tour of the Olympic Torch through St. Louis.  Dignitaries were concluding their speeches and the torch was about to be lit and carried up the steps of the Arch --- right past where we were standing!  So we all got to see the Olympic Torch from a vantage point of only a few feet away.

After a quick lunch of cold cut sandwiches on the bus, we were off to visit the Saint Louis Science Center & Planetarium.  Fortune again smiled upon us as the largest traveling space exhibit ever assembled was on tour at the Science Center.  We spent several hours browsing the exhibits before settling into our seats in the IMAX theatre for a late afternoon showing of the just-released movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, in wide screen format.

Friday, June 18, was spent at Six Flags Saint Louis.  The morning weather was sunny but cooler than normal --- perfect for a day at a theme park.  Unfortunately, a succession of brief thunderstorms mid-afternoon shut down all the major rides and the wave pool, causing us to pack up and leave the park several hours earlier than planned.  We stopped to visit a Bass Pro Shop on our way back to First Baptist Church where we fixed a nice steak dinner. 

On the steps of the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis. Alex, Stephen, Tim, Aaron, and Trey board the tram for a ride to the top of the Arch.
At the top of the Arch (clockwise from left) are Trey, Tim, Mr. Davis, Stephen, Aaron, Alex, and Chris. The Olympic Torch being carried up the steps at the foot of the Gateway Arch.
Scouts enjoy seeing how high they can launch the ball at one of the Science Center exhibits. A photo with Copernicus in the space exhibit at the Saint Louis Science Center.  
Around the dinner table our second night staying at First Baptist Church. Alex and Stephen take a turn at dish duty in the church kitchen.

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