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After a hearty breakfast of oatmeal (that, surprisingly, everyone seemed to enjoy), it was back onto the water to find where the River Styx emerged from Mammoth Cave and emptied into the Green River.  Launching on Monday morning was a bit of a challenge because the water level had dropped more than 4 feet overnight and the canoes were now beached well up a very muddy riverbank.

We also realized that one paddle had been lost in Sunday afternoon's capsizing, so one crew would have to make do with a single paddle.  Eagle Scout Tim got the honor of chauffeuring Adam, our smallest and lightest scout, for the day.

We did a good job of staying together prior to the lunch stop, but several canoes decided to engage in an impromptu race after lunch and zipped past the River Styx.  As a result, they had to row back upstream against the current for nearly a half-mile.  In addition to the physical effort required, the exercise took them more than an hour.  We beached our canoes along the River Styx behind the Mammoth Cave Visitor Center and hiked up the hillside to the marked trail.  At the Visitor Center, everyone had an opportunity to use the flush toilets, wash their hands and faces, browse the gift shop, and select which cave tour they wanted to take the next day.

Then it was back into the boats to paddle across the Green River and a bit farther upstream to establish camp for the night along the river bank on the far side of Cave Island.

Adam enjoyed a free ride courtesy of Tim. Dalton and Jon P.
Cody and Jon P. were together again as canoe partners and managed to stay in the boat. All the canoe teams did a pretty good job of sticking close together for most of the trip.
Nick and Chris. Dalton.
Scouts beached the canoes along the bank of the River Styx within feet of where it emerged from Mammoth Cave. Sleeping options for the second night were the same as the first night --- a combination of shelters, tents, and under-the-stars.
Jon helps Mr. Harmon setup his one-man backpacker's tent. Dylan decided to give the "under-the-stars option" a try.  It was a beautiful clear night with very little dew.
After touring the Visitor Center, scouts prepared to launch back into the River Styx.  Mammoth Cave is in the background. Adam is still all smiles as he prepares to bum a ride from Jon H. after Tim traded him off for someone who could help paddle.

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