Where does the word "Webelos" come from?                                                                   You were correct if you answered that Webelos is an acronym which comes from the phrase, We'll be loyal scouts.                                                                                                    


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Located in the heart of Shepherdsville, Boy Scout Troop 868 draws members from a geographic area that extends from southern Jefferson County to Lebanon Junction and from Mount Washington to West Point.  We have scouts in our unit who currently attend more than a dozen different elementary, middle, and high schools.

While some boys find the troop through word of mouth or recruiting efforts in the local schools, many others crossover into Boy Scouting upon completion of a successful Cub Scout career.  Cub Scout Pack 868 is our primary "feeder" pack and most of the boys who go through Cub Scouting in Pack 868 elect to progress into Boy Scouting.  Troop 868 is also always glad to welcome scouts from other area Cub Scout units who are seeking a "top tier" Boy Scouting experience.

Cub Scout Pack 868 is sponsored by Scout Parents, Inc. and is closely linked to Troop 868.  Dens meet at 7:00 PM Thursday nights at the Shepherdsville Community Center.  The pack's calendar of planned activities is posted on the pack's web site at www.cubpack868.com.  Most of the boys in Pack 868 attend either Roby, Nichols, or Lebanon Junction Elementary Schools, but the unit attracts scouts from all parts of Bullitt County as well as from southern Jefferson County.  Pack 868 currently has members attending about a dozen different public and private elementary schools as well as several home schooled students.  Boys from ANY school are welcome.  Questions about Cub Scouting in Pack 868 may be directed to Cubmaster Bob Meek.

Cub Scout Pack 848 is sponsored by Saint Aloysius Catholic Church.  Dens meet at 6:30 PM Monday nights in the basement of the main church building on Saint Aloysius' campus on Plum Street in the heart of Shepherdsville.  Pack 848 recruits primarily from Brooks Elementary School and from within the parish at St. Aloysius.  Pack 848 has a great relationship with Troop 868 and we always recommend Pack 848 to families that can't do Cub Scouting on Thursday nights in Pack 868.  Questions about Cub Scouting in Pack 848 may be directed to Cubmaster Jennifer Greenwell.

Cub Scouting is for boys in 1st through 5th grades (or ages 7~10).  Boys are grouped by age or grade into units called dens.  Dens typically have 6~10 boys.  Each den is led by at least two adult Den Leaders.  Collectively, the whole unit is called a pack.  The pack is led by a Cubmaster.  Most packs also have at least one Assistant Cubmaster as well as other parents who serve in roles such as Treasurer or as members of the Pack Committee.

Boys in 1st grade are called Tiger Cubs; 2nd graders are Wolves, 3rd graders are Bears, and boys in the 4th and 5th grades are Webelos.  The Boy Scouts of America publishes an age  appropriate manual (called a handbook) for each rank that details the advancement requirements for that level.

The emphasis of Cub Scouting is on the family unit.  Parent involvement is strongly encouraged and many Pack activities are "whole family" events.   Cubs love to make things, so weekly den meetings often involve at least some time for arts and crafts.  Field trips to parks, museums, and area landmarks are also commonly incorporated.  Every so often, all dens meet together as a large group for a Pack Meeting.  Pack meetings are where awards are presented and boys are recognized for their achievements.  Parent attendance at Pack Meetings is very important.  Pack meetings often include skits, songs, and games as well as a brief "business" segment where plans for upcoming activities are explained to scouts and parents.

Boys and their parent(s) are welcome to visit and join the Cub Scout pack of their choice any time during the year.