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(Summer Camp -- June 16~July 1, 2012)

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We spent the entire morning at the American Helicopter Museum then made a stop for lunch and to re-fuel the bus before heading to Valley Forge.  No battles were fought at Valley Forge; the site was basically a military training base ... a fort without walls.  It was close to Philadelphia but far enough away that the British troops chose to stay encamped in the city rather than mount an attack in the cold of winter.  The biggest challenge for the troops at Valley Forge was survival.  For shelter, they cut trees and made small cabins but many suffered from exposure and frostbite.  Food was another challenge and regimental commanders constantly raided nearby farms for livestock to slaughter.  Though the independent states had pledged to provide the troops with food and other needed supplies, the support was not consistent and the troops were often hungry as well as cold.

John is a brave man to go flying with Andrew at the controls! Brixton and Tristan are evidently not satisfied with the photos taken by others, so they decide to do a self-portrait.
Clockwise around the table:  Noah, Kraig, Thomas, Alex, Andrew, and John. Dylan, Connor, and Andrew.
Another one of Scoutmaster Meek's historical briefings in the parking lot as we prepare to tour Valley Forge. The entrance to Valley Forge.
Scouts explore several of the cabins, still standing after more than 200 years, where Washington's troops wintered at Valley Forge.  Each small cabin would have slept about 12 men.
The cabins weren't very big inside and weren't tightly sealed --- notice the open gaps where the rafters meet the walls --- but they were better than tents.  After touring the cabins, Scoutmaster Meek had the scouts stop and reflect upon what it would have been like to spend a cold and snowy Pennsylvania winter at this encampment.
Posing for a photo in front of one of the statues. Where did Washington's men get water, firewood, and food ... where did they take care of bodily functions ... where and how did they bathe?
Drew, Dylan, Scoutmaster Meek, ASM Hagerman, and Noah check out one of the displays.
Noah and Brixton as Martha and George Washington.  

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