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(Summer Camp -- June 16~July 1, 2012)

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After crossing the "Pickett's Charge" field and reaching the Union lines, we were approached by a re-enactor who stopped to talk to us about the life of a Civil War infantry soldier.  We then proceeded to see the "high water mark" where a small band of Confederates were able to penetrate the Union line but were quickly overpowered.  We then visited several of the larger monuments, including the one honoring Pennsylvania soldiers, before boarding our bus and heading to the top of Little Round Top.

From atop Little Round Top, it was easy to why this position was so strategically important.  Cannons could easily fire on troops out in the middle of the open field from here --- and that's exactly what they had done.

After leaving Gettysburg, we traveled to West Chester, Pennsylvania where we spent the second night of our trip at the West Chester United Methodist Church.  We spent Monday morning at the American Helicopter Museum.  The folks at the museum conducted a special program for us about rotary-winged flight before the boys were turned loose to explore the exhibits.

As scouts paused to rest after crossing the field, a re-enactor in a period uniform approached and greeted us. We prevailed upon him to give an impromptu talk about being a soldier in the Civil War and he gladly did so.
Andrew, Tyler, Tristan, Thomas, John, Alex, and Nicholas found another cannon on which to climb near the "high water mark." The group waited on the stops of the Pennsylvania Monument for the bus to arrive and pick them up.
Atop Little Round Top, Toby and Chase surveyed the battlefield.  The field that Pickett's men crossed is out of the photo to the upper right. Nicholas, Andrew, Tristan, Toby, and Brixton sit for a photo on one of the monuments.  John is acting goofy in the background.
ASM Martin Moore surveys the battlefield with Connor and Andrew.  A park ranger in period costume stands to the right. John, Toby, Tristan, Brixton, and Andrew decide to climb on some rocks.  Why not?  It's what boys do!  Soon, most of the troop was out there.
As we were preparing to depart West Chester UMC, their youth group was also preparing to embark on a choir tour trip.  Our visit to the American Helicopter Museum began with a presentation by our host on the physics of rotary-winged flight.
A couple of military helicopters.  The Korean War era one at left was made popular by the TV show M*A*S*H. Scouts checked out a couple of "experimental" copters built from kits.
I doubt the FAA would approve of this attempt to see how many scouts could be crammed into a cockpit. Drew looks right at home and ready for lift-off to go cruising over the city to report on traffic conditions.

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