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Summer Camp Trip 2008 (June, 2008)
Camp Daniel Boone

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On Friday of our pre-camp week of touring and sight-seeing we visited the Indian Reservation at Cherokee, North Carolina.  We spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon at the Cherokee Indian Museum which turned out to be fascinating and captivated nearly everyone's interest ... even teenage boys who "don't like museums."

After a mid-afternoon lunch, we continued our visit with a guided tour of the Oconaluftee Indian Village that was just as interesting as the museum.  We saw demonstrations of various American Indian crafts being practiced as they had been in the 1700's.  We ended our day by attending the outdoor drama "Unto These Hills" that told stories of the Cherokee people that are absent from most school history texts.  Our day in Cherokee was time well-spent.

On Friday night we moved into Oak Grove Christian Church in Arden, NC on the outskirts of Asheville.  Oak Grove was kind to host us for two nights despite the fact that their annual Vacation Bible Study program was in full swing.

On Saturday, the last day of our pre-camp touring week, we visited the famous Biltmore Estate.  Some of the scouts thought Biltmore would be hokey and boring, but when they got there and toured the place the entire group was fascinated.  On our way back to the church, we called a YMCA located less than a mile from the church to inquire about coming by to let everyone grab a quick shower and they warmly welcomed us.  Being able to get everyone cleaned up and smelling good before Sunday morning worship was a real blessing.  

On Sunday morning we attended Sunday School and worship at Oak Grove Christian Church then stopped for lunch en route to Camp Daniel Boone about 90 minutes away in Canton, NC.

Philip, Tim, Jon, Nick, Gabe stand around a tepee on a sidewalk in Cherokee, NC.  Connor and Trey squat inside. The whole gang poses for a photo outside the Oconaluftee Indian Village before we entered to take a tour.
Mr. Davis and Troop 868 scouts listen as our tour guide explained the native skill being demonstrated at a tour stop. Scouts prepared to enter one of the reproduction Cherokee cabins on the tour.  The Cherokee lived in cabins versus tepees.
Tim and Trey check out a Cherokee Sweat Lodge. Trey, Dylan, Tim, and Jon (wearing a bear hat) enjoyed Saturday morning breakfast at Oak Grove Christian Church.
Scouts pose in front of a horse watering trough along the driveway in front of the Biltmore Estate. Troop 868 scouts sit on the edge of a large fountain in the middle of the front lawn at Biltmore.
Tim just couldn't resist walking on the fountain ... probably not the first person to do so! Connor, Gabe, Cody, and Philip checked out a bench near the fishing pond after our tour of the house.
Scouts posed along a set of stone steps as we prepared to depart Biltmore. Oak Grove Christian Church in Arden, North Carolina was kind enough to host the troop for 2 nights during our trip. 

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