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Summer Camp Trip 2008 (June, 2008)
Camp Daniel Boone

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Early Thursday morning we quickly ate breakfast, cleaned up the rooms we had used at First Baptist Church, and re-loaded the bus for a 3-hour drive to Erwin, TN to go whitewater rafting on the Nolichucky River.  We used Nantahala Outdoor Center as our outfitters/guides for the trip and they were excellent and accommodating in all respects.  Though the summer water level was expectedly low, the Nolichucky had plenty of Class 3 and Class 4 rapids as well as dozens and dozens of Class 2 that were made even more fun by giving paddlers the option of smaller rafts or individual "duckies."

About 2/3 of our group chose the duckies (that can best be described as inflatable kayaks).  This worked out really well, because as some of the younger guys arms got tired, they were able to swap-out with with some of the raft riders.  (Rafters don't have to paddle constantly, but paddling is pretty much non-stop in the duckies.)

The ducky riders were the first to get launched as the troop prepared to whitewater on the Nolichucky River. We weren't far from the launch point when we encountered the first rapids.
Nor did we have to wait long for the first rider to leave his boat. The Nolichucky provided plenty of rapids.  In fact, they were nearly non-stop for the first part of our float trip.
Being summer, the water level was lower than during the spring and getting stuck on rocks was a near constant threat. One section was too shallow for rafts and the rafters had to do a short portage, but the ducky riders were able to push through.
Most of the river provided more than adequate challenge and thrills for rafters as well as ducky riders. That would be Scoutmaster Meek almost going overboard but saved by his foot firmly wedged under the raft's cross member.
There are show-offs in every group and these guys made it look easy.

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