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Summer Camp Trip 2008 (June, 2008)
Camp Daniel Boone

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We then traveled on to Corbin, KY where we ate dinner at Sander's Cafe.  This would be the restaurant where one of Kentucky's most famous citizens, Colonel Harland Sanders, perfected a recipe and pressure cooking process that came to be known around the world as Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The restaurant/museum is now owned by the KFC Corporation and the Colonel's kitchen has been accurately restored for public viewing ... and they still serve Kentucky Fried Chicken (from a new, modern kitchen that has been added on)!

In Corbin, we were graciously housed for 4 nights in several Sunday School rooms at First Baptist Church.  Being centrally located to several interesting attractions. we used the church as a base of operations and ventured forth each day in a different direction.

On Monday we drove a short distance to nearby Williamsburg, KY and spent the day at the Kentucky Splash waterpark where about half the group failed to use sunscreen and got thoroughly roasted.

On Tuesday, we drove to nearby Cumberland Falls State Park and hiked an 11-mile section of the Shetowee Trace Trace known as the Moonbow Trail.  Finishing the hike mid-afternoon, we drove back to Corbin and took in a movie at one of the local cinemas.  Then, after dinner, we drove back to the state park to observe the moonbow at Cumberland Falls.  We were fortunate that our visit happened to fall on the night before a full moon and we were able to see the moonbow.

On Wednesday, we drove to Stearns, KY and took a ride on the Big South Fork Scenic Railroad to visit the historic Blue Heron coal mine once operated by the Stearns Coal and Lumber Company.

The troop stopped for a dinner of KFC at Sanders Cafe in Corbin, KY where Col. Sanders perfected his world famous recipe. The troop purchased chicken and sides in bulk and set up their own buffet line, supervised by ASM Chuck Davis.
The troop spent several nights at First Baptist Church in Corbin as we visited area attractions on different days. Scouts enjoyed relaxing and watching TV in the youth lounge our first night at the church.
We ate cereal and doughnuts in one of the Sunday School rooms each morning before heading out for our daily activities. At Cumberland Falls, five scouts managed to cram themselves into a partially hollowed out tree.
Scouts rode the Big South Fork Railroad from downtown Stearns, Kentucky to the Blue Heron Mine. Jon, Nick, Alex, Connor, Gabe, Dylan, Chris, Mr. Davis, Philip, Tim, and Trey pose on the rail platform at Blue Heron Mine. 

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