Troop 868 in Action

Summer Camp 2000 at Camp Crooked Creek

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Around Camp

Florencio shows off the basket he wove for Basketry Merit Badge. Jeremy delivers a talk on tornados in fulfillment of a requirement for Weather Merit Badge.
Chris seems to enjoy Jeremy's talk on tornados. While scouts are all away at various classes, Mr. Berger and Mr. Freeman take the opportunity to tidy up the campsite.
Tyler poses for the camera as Chris listens to Jeremy's talk about weather. Jacob observes that David and Josh may have stayed up a little bit too late the previous evening?
Jamie is obviously up to something, but we really don't want to know what! And we're not sure whether Patrick is trying to drive home a point or stretching?  You'll note that Tyler still has his eye on the camera.
Everyone is always in a good mood at meal time!  Moving down the left side of the table, we can make out Josh, John, Franklin, David, Chris K., and Tyler.  In the foreground, we see Matt and Jeremy. We managed to capture an open-mouth smile from John in the foreground and less exuberant grins from Jonathan, Chris G., Alex, and Wayne.
Mr. Berger and Mr. Guzman are still waiting in the serving line. A Troop 868 camp tradition is to gather around the campfire each night and have each scout tell one thing they've learned during that day.  In this photo the troop gathers around a bug candle since our tents were too close together to safely build a fire.
Scouts take advantage of some free time before dinner to do some fishing.  Pictured at left (L to R) are Jonathan, Josh, Jeremy, Jackob, Jamie, and Patrick. Josh waves in the photo at right.  Jeremy has his back to the camera.

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