Troop 868 in Action
(November 2010)

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A recent ban on open burning had been lifted, and the scouts built a bonfire that "could be seen from space."  This was both fun and a welcome source of heat on the first fall weekend where overnight temperatures dipped below freezing.

On Sunday morning, we conducted an in-camp worship service then continued to work on scout advancement until it was time to break camp and head for home.

Saturday night's campfire was large and impressive.  On a night where the mercury dipped to 24 degrees, scouts were content to simply sit and watch it --- and enjoy it's heat.
Rather than doing skits as we normally do, the boys sat and challenged each other with riddles for nearly an hour. Scouts who wanted to roast marshmallows had to lay on the ground and shield themselves from the heat.
This the Wilderness Survival MB shelter where Nicholas spent Saturday night and endured a heavy frost. Look closely and you'll find Noah nestled snugly down inside his shelter.  Were he a hunter, Bambi wouldn't stand a chance!
Mr. Jacobs' expression reveals the taste of a cup of hot cocoa accidentally made with baking cocoa instead of chocolate mix. Kraig, Brixton, and Chase around a dying fire in the Cobra Patrol campsite.
Scouts assembled for flag raising on Sunday morning. Even the big boys liked to play with fire!  Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Moore, Mr. Hagerman, and Mr. Canchola build a fire to keep everyone warm during the Sunday morning worship service.
Chaplain Aide Preston opened the service with prayer and a Bible reading.  Kraig spoke about the power of prayer. ASM Hagerman compared the way the moon reflects the sun's light to the way we are supposed to reflect the light of Christ.
Our group photo for this outing was taken just before we boarded the bus to head home.  (L to R back front row) Chase, Andrew, Toby, Preston, Nicholas, Brixton, Noah, Thomas, and Adam.  (L to R back row) Mr. Moore, Drew, Spencer, Nick, Dylan, Mr. Hagerman, Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Canchola, and Tyler.  As usual, Mr. Meek is standing behind the camera!

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