Troop 868 in Action

(August, 2009)

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The bridge was soon completed and ready for testing. Adam made one of the first few crossings.
Customers were soon lined up with Pack 868 Cub Scouts who had been waiting patiently at the head of the line. For some boys, the climb up was as much of a challenge as the actual crossing.
Troop 868 scouts walked along and spotted each person who gave it a try just in case somebody fell through. Some parents and scouts found a shady spot to sit and watch the action.
We had Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and even a few leaders --- both male and female --- give it a try. Even Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Jon Fillingham made a successful crossing.
Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman with Troop 868 scouts.  Troop 868's campsite is in the background. Nick and Adam prepare to start a fire to cook dinner in the Falcon Patrol site.  Dylan is at left; Adam at far right.
ASM Mike Canchola, Committee Chairman Andy Rodabaugh, and ASM Jeff Hagerman in the adult patrol site. On Sunday, Adam and ASM Mike Canchola had to apply some leverage to get one of the steel rebar anchors out of the ground.

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