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(August, 2007)

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We learned that little guys have an advantage over bigger guys when it came to staying on the tube!  While some scouts were boating, the rest of the group went swimming in the shallow water of an inlet near the boat ramp.

After everyone was sufficiently sunburned and otherwise exhausted, we bid farewell to Barren River Lake late Sunday afternoon and made a stop for ice cream in Smiths Grove on the way back home to Shepherdsville.  We got home a bit later than is normal for us on weekend outings, but everyone had had a GREAT time and the trip had been a terrific way to end scouts' summer vacations!

Now THIS is what we call Scouting!!! Gabe looks right at home on the tube.
We don't know about you ... but this seems to be carrying the "Buddy System" thing a bit too far??? Jon enjoys the boat ride (totally unaware the boat is being chased by a man on an inflatable raft).
Of course, the ride can also be bumpy ... as Chris found out. We're not 100% sure, Tim, but we think it works better if the raft is between you and the water!
Stephen shows everyone how knee boarding is supposed to be done. The tube remained the toy of choice.
Scouts passed the time swimming while their buddies were out on the boat As we prepared leave, scouts walked up the gravel road from the boat ramp to the troop bus waiting in the parking lot.

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