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(August, 2007)

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We operated by the "patrol method" all weekend.  Each group planned their own menus prior to the trip.  During the weekend they prepared their meals, ate, and cleaned up by patrols.  The adults also operated separate from the boys.  At times the Cobra Patrol seemed to be doing a better job than the Falcons; at other times it was the other way around.

Other than for meals, scouts buddied up and participated in various activities according to their interests.  Several older scouts took some of the younger guys on an afternoon nature hike through the woods.  No sooner was Saturday dinner over and cleaned up than it was time for the closing campfire program at the campground ampitheatre.

We were up early Sunday morning to prepare and eat breakfast before flag raising and closing ceremonies.  From the closing, we went directly to an in-camp worship service then proceeded back to our campsite to break camp.  Following an early lunch, we headed to the boat ramp at Port Oliver for some swimming and boating with just our unit.  One of our Assistant Scoutmasters had brought his ski boat and took scouts out in groups of 5 to go tubing and/or knee boarding.

The Falcons opted for canned ravioli for Saturday lunch ... quick, easy, and with virtually no clean up! Matt and Stephen set the table for lunch in the Cobra Patrol.
Whatever they prepared, we're not sure if Tim didn't care for it or if the photographer just caught him chewing? The troop's newest scout, Jon, seems happy with the way things are going.
The troop in formation at Sunday morning flag raising. Dylan found it difficult to smile with the sun in his eyes!
Assistant Scoutmaster Tom Guelda took a turn at dish duty in the adult patrol. Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman posed for a photo.
Scouts stuck camp and moved all the gear to a staging area, then worked as a team to load it onto the troop bus. Tim passes a patrol box up to Stephen.  Jon waits to hand in a water jug.
And then it was time for some serious play out on the lake. A visit to Barren River Lake is always better when Mr. Guelda bring his boat and his water toys.

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