What do the three fingers in the Scout Sign represent?                                                                   You were correct if your answer was (1) Duty to God and Country, (2) Duty to OThers, and (3) Duty to Self.                                                                                                    

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The jobs of Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster are simultaneously demanding and rewarding.  Unlike other adult leaders, the scoutmasters work directly with the scouts at weekly troop meetings and out "in the field" with scouts on outings and service projects.  One of the primary goals of the Scouting program is to teach boys to become responsible, contributing citizens in their respective communities.  This is accomplished under the leadership and guidance of responsible, morally straight men who live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.  Such men provide role models worth emulating.  The Troop Committee of Troop 868 exercises great care in choosing the men selected (permitted) to be scoutmasters in our unit.  At a minimum, ALL Troop 868 scoutmasters have completed all four of the scoutmaster training courses recommended by the Boy Scouts of America.  Several of our scoutmasters are Eagle Scouts.  All have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to Boy Scouting and a sincere desire to make Scouting in Troop 868 a safe and rewarding experience for all scouts.
Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman started out as a Cub Scout Den Leader when his son became a Bear Cub.  It was a foregone conclusion that he was destined for Scoutmastership!  Mr. Hagerman is a guy who can quickly size up a situation and think 10 steps ahead --- a skill that's often useful in Scouting.  He's also the only member of our scoutmaster staff who can read a map!  His quick wit is always entertaining and his patience with the younger boys is admirable.  His son is currently a Life Scout well on his way toward becoming a Troop 868 Eagle.  When he's not Scouting, he works for Tower Automotive and also finds time to manage several rental properties that he and his wife, Debbie, own.
Assistant Scoutmaster Jimmy Frye made a smooth transition into the job from being Webelos Den Leader in Cub Scout Pack 868 when his entire den crossed over into the troop.  He immediately signed up and completed all the required training courses plus a few others that weren't required so that he could be as prepared as possible.  Mr. Frye's quiet manner hides a spirit of enthusiastic energy that's hard to contain.  He can't wait to go hiking, camping, and do all the other stuff that Boy Scouts do.  Despite his misplaced fondness for the teams of a certain university located outside the Louisville metro area, he's still a welcome member of the scoutmaster staff and we're glad to have him wearing the bright red neckerchief and epaulets of the Troop 868 team.  He works for Publisher's Printing Company. 
Assistant Scoutmaster Osvaldo (Waldo) Guzman was new to Boy Scouting when the troop was formed.  Mr. Guzman served as Chairman of the Troop Committee for several years, ably guiding the unit during its infancy and dealing with all the myriad issues and challenges involved in forming a new troop.  He is married and has three children, including a son who is a Troop 868 Eagle Scout and a daughter who earned the Gold Award in Girl Scouting.  Like all Troop 868 Scoutmasters, Mr. Guzman has completed Boy Scout leader training.  His dedication to the troop has been extraordinary.  Mr. Guzman is retired from the U.S. Army.
Assistant Scoutmaster Tom Jacobs brings several years' experience as a Cub Scout leader as well as a talent for making Cajun grilled cheese sandwiches and a rather unique recipe for making hot cocoa.  No matter the circumstances, Tom is always grinning and sports a positive attitude.  He may not yet be familiar with all the scout skills and traditions of Boy Scouting, but his goals, philosophy, and personality are a great fit with the rest of our scoutmaster staff.  Tom's son is one of our younger scouts, so we're looking for him to be part of Troop 868 for some time.  Mr. Jacobs works in the information technology department at United Parcel Service.
Assistant Scoutmaster Martin Moore was active as a Cub Scout Den Leader for several years before his oldest son moved up to Boy Scouting and joined Troop 868..  An Army veteran, Mr. Moore appreciates the value of teaching boys to be self-reliant and resourceful.  He initially joined the Troop Committee.  After going on several outings with the boys, he decided to bite the bullet, take the additional required training, and become an Assistant Scoutmaster.  He is a licensed electrician by profession.  His wife, Margaret, is also active in the troop as Secretary of the Troop Committee.  They have two sons, both of whom are in Troop 868.  Mr. Moore has a CDL and serves as one of our bus drivers.  He is a union electrician.
Assistant Scoutmaster James Poyner is another dad who came up from Cub Scout Pack 868 when his son crossed from Webelos into Boy Scouting.  Mr. Poyner was a supportive father behind the scenes for several years during his son's Cub Scouting, but never got excited about being a den leader.  However, he was always there to help with building Pinewood Derby cars and go on campouts.  When his son moved into Boy Scouts, he was ready and anxious to get into the game full bore.  He took all the required training courses, bought a uniform, and even started the process toward getting a passenger endorsement for his CDL so that he can help with driving the buses.  Among his other talents, he's an outstanding mechanic.  We're glad to have him as part of the troop's scoutmaster corps.  Mr. Poyner works for the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District.
The Troop Committee consists of interested parents of current and former scouts and members of the community at large.  The Committee provides oversight of and support for the scoutmasters and the troop's program in a host of different ways.  Committee members support scouts' advancement by serving as merit badge counselors and/or reviewers when scouts are ready for rank advancement.  Committee members support the troop financially by organizing and/or assisting with troop fundraising.  They may also support the troop by sharing special talents or resources such as building or repairing troop equipment, record-keeping, phone calling, and/or performing hospitality duties for special programs or events.  They may help scouts acquire uniforms, provide transportation to/from troop activities, provide counsel/advice, and/or represent the troop at District/Council functions.  An active, involved Committee is a key element of a successful troop.
Committee Chair Billy Frank thought she could retire from Scouting when her son crossed over from Cub Scouting into Boy Scouting.  She was wrong!  Mrs. Frank was a Den Leader in Cub Scout Pack 868 for several years and finished her career in Cub Scouting by serving as Webelos Den Leader with Jimmy Frye.  She was soon drafted to join the Troop Committee where we put her many talents to use as part of our "Mom Squad."  In January 2014, she took over as Committee Chairman.  Mrs. Frank is always cheerful and gets along with everyone ... wonderful characteristics to bring to the table as the Committee's leader!  She is also a great organizer, capable of doing just about anything asked of her, and totally dependable.  She is a major asset to our unit.  She is married to Steven.
Committee Member Sam Borquez is back for another round.  A few years back, when his stepson Alex was in the troop, Mr. Borquez was an active member of the Committee and even served several years as our Committee Chairman.  He retired when Alex made Eagle, graduated high school, and began college.  But when his youngest son joined the troop, he came back for Round 2.  Mr. Borquez is a seasoned veteran of Troop 868 who spent many evenings selling pizza at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium when the troop used to do that as part of our fundraising program.  We welcome him back into the "troop family."  He's also an experienced seller of candy bars, flags, and bedding plants.  We welcome him back to the Committee.
Committee Member Jeremy Curd was a Boy Scout in his youth.  Alas, he fell a bit short of reaching the Eagle rank but he spent several years in a good troop and understands both the value of the program and how it works.  He has come on board with great enthusiasm.  Mr. Curd is single and dating the mother of a Troop 868 scout ... in today's terminology, that makes him a "significant other."  Whatever the politically correct description, we're glad to have him as part of our group.  A contractor by profession, he's very good at carpentry and fixing just about anything.  He's also very talented in the area of fundraising and chairs our annual Pancake Breakfast.
Committee Member Kirk Embry moved to Troop 868 from Pack 868 when his grandson moved from Webelos into Boy Scouting.  Mr. Embry is a quiet, thoughtful man who is more than willing to do his share.  As a Cub parent, he was a frequent "adult partner" for his grandson on both day outings and campouts. He is married to Gina and both of them take an active role in helping with troop fundraising.  We look for Mr. Embry to take a more active role in some area of committee work as he gets more familiar with the Boy Scouting program..
Committee Member Steven Frank is another experienced Scouter.  Following several years in the Girl Scouting program with his oldest daughter, he was ready and willing to become involved in Cub Scouting when his son joined Cub Scout Pack 868 as a Tiger Cub.  Before long, he was Cubmaster of the unit and served in that position for nearly three years until a change in employment forced him to step back to being an Assistant Cubmaster and limited his ability to participate as fully as he wished.  He son has now crossed over into Boy Scouting and Mr. Frank has enthusiastically joined the Troop Committee with intentions to complete the required training and eventually move into the role of becoming as Assistant Scoutmaster.  We are blessed to have him in whatever position he is able to participate and contribute. 

Committee Member Vickie Jacobs brings with her a wealth of experience from several years as a leader in Cub Scouting.  Mrs. Jacobs is married to Tom and they have two children --- a college-age daughter and a son in Troop 868.  And they are in the process of adopting a little girl for whom Mrs. Jacobs used to babysit, so she may soon be Girl Scouting as well as Boy Scouting!.  Vicki's major contribution to the troop is coordinating all the food service operations for our annual Merit Badge University program --- a huge job that she handles very well.  She also helps with monthly boards of review and assists with other fundraisers throughout the year.  We're happy to have both her and her husband as part of our unit.  
Committee Member Margaret (Mickey) Pennington-Moore is married to Martin.  They have two sons in the troop.  Both boys were Cub Scouts and both earned their Arrow of Light Awards prior to crossing over into Boy Scouting.  Mr. Moore had always been actively involved in Scouting with the boys, but Mrs. Moore's participation is relatively recent.  She was basically "coerced" by her husband, our former scoutmaster, and several other members of the Troop Committee's "Mom Squad."  She didn't stand a chance!  She has taken on the job of Committee Secretary and performed it admirably.  Mrs. Moore has now become an official member of the Troop 868 "Mom Squad" and as well as a valuable member of the Troop Committee.
Committee Member and Troop Treasurer Sean Spalding is a seasoned veteran of the Troop Committee.  He is married to Teresa and they have 3 children --- two sons and a daughter.  Mr. Spalding came on board when his oldest son moved up to Boy Scouting and selected Troop 868 as the place he wanted to walk the Eagle Trail.  Two of Mr. Spalding's nephews are Troop 868 Eagle Scouts and he'd like to see his own sons follow in their footsteps!  After his oldest son joined Troop 868, his youngest son transferred to Pack 868 for his second year as a Webelos and earned his Arrow of Light Award. Currently, both boys are Boy Scouts in Troop 868.  
This space is open for any troop parent who has not yet become as actively involved in their son's Scouting career as they could be.  You are welcome to a "seat at the table" anytime you say the word.  Involved parents make our unit stronger.  Please consider sharing your talents and your great ideas as an official member of the Troop Committee.   The time commitment is only a couple of hours a month to attend Committee meetings that take place simultaneous with the scouts' regular troop meeting on the third Tuesday of each month.